30th Sept: 1 week since I became a Grand-pup-mum!!

Well I cant belive the growth we have seen in our cuddly little pups over their first week of life. Its amazing and there isnt a weak one amongst them which is so strange but a real blessing. 

We are supporting mum and the pups seem to have great strength and vitality. Mum mas even gone back to her pre-pregnacy dress size and is back to jogging out a few miles with me on the school run when she is taking a break from the family...  She puts my early days as a first time mum to shame... and I had 10 less newborms to look after and exclusively nurse!. Go girl, 

12th October: 

The little darlings are growing very fast and mum is still the only food source but weaning is just round the corner.  There was a general disapproval this week when time came for worming fluid to be administered. Pups were not impressed with the pink stuff and all looked like they had put lipstick on at the ned. Mum cleaned them and gave me a very unimpressed look but she knew at some level that it was best for all. 

The weekend will bring the next batch of puppy seekers from many far flung parts of the UK so we are looking forward to meeting them. If you are a potential seeker please get in touch and we will see if we can fit you in.