30th April 2018

Well time has flown and we are now beginning another journey of match making our lovely new family of puppies with their new homes. 

I know that if we do even half as well as last time that they will be very lucky little chaps and lassies indeed. I am still in awe of the amazing owners who took on the last lot: most of whom I now follow on instagram... not the owners of course: the pups! They have grown into wonderful family memebrs and I hope and pray the same will happen with these little ones. 

So the bookings will open this week and I hope to be allowing a booking weekend in about 3 weeks time so if that sounds like something you want to be a part of please get in touch. 

Until then we will keep marvelling at them growing stronger every day and Ill stick to my job of supporting their amazing mum : Sionna the superdog..